Sonic magazine tests UpMute for trumpet

The German magazine Sonic Brass & Sax dedicates a few pages to testing the UpMute for trumpet in its Nov / Dec issue. Here you have the article and the translation of the conclusions for those who do not speak German.



So, to sum up: the "UpMute" practice mute is made of sturdy plastic and has everything you would expect from a practice mute: homogeneous, well-balanced and well-tuned sound, good volume damping, pleasant and authentic playing sensation and low weight. It can be placed on the bell without any force and sits reliably. It is ideal as a practice mute, as well as for playing before or during a concert. The ingenious filter system allows for even blowing resistance as well as complete control of the tuning over the entire range. The price/performance ratio is also right, so we recommend you try it out at your nearest specialist dealer!

Pros and Cons

    + good volume damping
    + suitable for Bb and C trumpets
    + low weight
    + adjusted on the hood
    + very good tuning
    + feeling of fluidity
    + good quality/price ratio

Model name: UpMute - practice mute

Technical data: Length: 135 mm

Diameter: 99.3 mm

Mute material: plastic

Filter material: brass

Weight: 69 gr

Price: 75.00 €