Testimony of André Henry

André Henry

International trumpet soloist

"Dear colleagues,

I recently discovered UpSound, and after testing it on myself and with my students, I can really admit that practicing with UpSoun will give us back many benefits.

The first one its about the focus. For me focus is the key word, everything start from a nice sound focus. UpSound will help us to concentrate on our emission making it clean and centered.

The difference between a traditional Berp and UpSound is how the air flow is controlled. UpSound help us to have a better control by guiding the air properly which is not always true with some Berp.

I use the UpSound not only for basics such as Stamp but also for practicing concerto.

In fact, a trumpet is just a speaker, an amplification of our mouthpiece, but what is the sound of the mouthpiece is not focus or dirty? The result will be a dirty sound, poor in harmonics, making the trumpet obligated to play louder to be heard.

I recommend to hold the UpSound with 2 hands, loke that the right hand can be connected to the practice of the fingering. Also using 2 hands will avoid an extra pressure on the lips.

UpSound will really help you in your intonation, your focus, adding harmonics in your sound. If you use it correctly the improvement will be noticeablñe almost immediately.

Good luck to us!!"