Enjoying the UpSound!

Paco Guillén enjoying his Upsound at the Swiss Alps!

Alejandro Díaz, principal trombone player of Simón Bolívar S. O. practice with Upsound

Daniel Graterol, principal french horn player of Simón Bolívar S. O. explain us about his feelings with Upsound

We start with a series of easy exercises so you can get started with Upsound

Jordi Albert working in the tonguing and his air optimization

Daniel Crespo "singing" with Upsound

Alejandro Castañeda enjoying the Upsound

Miguel Cervera working Clarke with Upsound

Enjoying the Upsound with Freddy Cárdenas

Juan Salvador «Voro» García improvising with Upsound in Fez, Morocco

Maurice Benterfa enjoying his Upsound

Brian Hayes makes a demo video of Upsound! To see the full video go to your Youtube channel

Stéphane Loyer playing Bordogni studies with Upsound, one of his famous exercises for tenor trombone, bass trombone and tuba

Luis González testing his register with Upsound

Miguel J. Martínez (Viriato), warming up with Upsound

Juan Carlos Alandete practicing arpeggios with Upsound

Fábio Brum improving his register with Upsound

Yturvides warming up with Upsound in the Stomvi Store

David Llavata From Málaga Orchrestra (Spain) enjoying the Upsound

Jorge Javier Giner and his students invite you to study with Upsound

Luis Martínez from Brillant Magnus Quintet studying James Thompson exercises with Upsound in the car

Ximo Vicedo practicing with Upsound at the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao (Spain)

Pacho Flores playing Charlier's "Solo de concours" with Upsound in Japan

Anthony Pérez, Stomvi artist, warming up in the car with Upsound

Jon Ruff from Stomvi USA Enjoying the Upsound

Nicolás Alfonso Sanz, l´Artesana teacher studying with Upsound

Bernardo Cifres enjoying his Upsound in the Valencian Fallas

Benjamín Moreno enjoying Upsound in the mediterranean sea

Luca Benucci - - Enjoying the Upsound!

Edmundo Vidal practicing glissando with Upsound!

Joao Vilao, 1st trumpet of Jalisco Philarmonic, studying Clarke with Upsound

Luis Perico Ortiz cooling down with Upsound!

Ximo Vicedo practicing Glissando with Upsound

Luis González studying his James Stamp exercises with Upsound

Paco Guillén practicing with Upsound before playing with the Spanish National Orchestra

Daniel Jimenez working on his high register

Javier Gonzalez talks about how he uses his UpSound

Rick Thorp talks about using his UpSound

The great Pacho Flores sent us one of his favorite exercises